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31 March, 2008

Informations Links

Hi, guys. I found a link to a math dictionary. Here is the link:
You want some practice? Had the link the link, too. Here you go:

11 March, 2008


In the Billy cart racing day, we had some race. Example: The most beautiful cart, the great Billy-cart competition for student and the great Billy cart race for parents. I joined the most beautiful cart competition. There were many judges in this activity and some preschoolers voting we can’t read it so we can’t count it.

Then we went to Hansen’s house to have the great races. That day was a hot day. But it was good because if it was raining it was worse than hot. We also had our lunch there.
After that we went back to school and continue our activity.

10 March, 2008

Reflection about Digital Portfolio

1. Blog
My first digital portfolio was a blog. A blog is where we can write about ourselves, about our lesson and experiences. We also could put some pictures and links to our Google pages and e-mails. First time I made my blog my dad helped me and he was very good at this thing. But I like this because people can write comments to me so I could make my blog better.

2. Google Pages Maker
In Google pages, we could put some information, pictures, links, title and we can make some pages in one site. If you forgot which one is the home page you could see a picture of a house on one page. To make this, this is easier than to make a blog

3. i-Web
My third digital portfolio is an i-Web. This i-Web is a lot easier than Google pages. We can put our photos, music and sound of ourselves. We can choose our background, too. It was almost the same like google pages.

So, that was my reflection. If you want to make some of them, you can have fun.