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21 April, 2008

My Dreamworld Country


My country name is Rivera because it has big rivers and we use the rivers to be our road.

National Flag:
My national flag has a star in the center means God
Has 4 flowers in each edge means plants
Has grass around the the flag means earth
Three things under this means people in different religions can live here
Has cross means God in Catholic or Christians
Has a moon and star for the God in Moslem
Has a lotus for symboling Buddhism

Country Emblem or Shield:
My country emblem is connected to my motto
My motto is Earth, Faith and God
It shapes like a shield
It has a light green leaf for Earth
Dark pink Heart for Faith
and Yellow Star for God.
The background for leaf is dark green
Background for heart is red
and background for star is orange.

My partner in making anthem is Ristia. We had a lot of fun at doing this. First we hear the jingles in the Garage Band at school. Then we create our own anthem by playing the piano with our keyboard. I already got my melody but I cannot describe it into the computer. You can see the national anthem" Rivera my Beloved Country" here:

Oh, Rivera my beloved country
You're such a beautiful place
Mountains, Valleys, Woods and all
Rivera is my birthplace
Oh, Rivera my beloved country
Up from the valley, spread out waterfalls
Down from the Earth comes out lavas
Beside the seashore we have fisheries
Oh, Rivera my beloved country
Let us be grateful
For what God has
Give us.

08 April, 2008

Games link

Hi, I got a to play some games:
I played in this link and it was fun.

03 April, 2008

My Holiday story

What did you do last week? Is it fun? In this story I will tell you about my holiday story last week.

In my holiday last week, I stayed at home because I was sick. When I went to the doctor he said" You're alright, Desiree. I just give you some medicine in case you're sick". Several days later I felt not good. So, I went to the doctor again and the doctor said" Now you're sick Desiree. You got a fever". After I drank the medicine from couple of times, I felt that I'm better.

Maybe I was sick because I went to Singapore a few days earlier. At that time in Singapore I went to Singapore Flyer and Science Center. When I went to Singapore Flyer I was a little bit scared because I went up and up and then went down and down. Actually it goes very slow. But it was a very beautiful view at the top of this Singapore Flyer. After that I went to Science Center. In science Centre I played many science activities. And it was fun and good.
After I went back to Jakarta, my friends from my old school visited me. We walked around my house and climbed a tree house. When we went up to the tree house, the tree house was very dirty and I said" Guys, I think that we have to go down because this tree house is very dirty and a little bit smelly". So we went down and went back to my house. We also went to a lake to had a picnic with them. We played a remote controlled boat and ate some fruits that I brought from my house. My friends said" Desiree, I like this place because of the view and the lake is beautiful".

When I was sick I still went to the church. That time it was my turn to help the priest. But I couldn't do it perfectly because I'm sick. I was very sad with that.

I hate it when I was sick because I couldn't go to the cinema to watch the newest children's movie" Spiderwick" and " Horton hears a Who". I was bored at home. So when my mother went to my dad's office, I joined her. Then my mom bought some clothes for herself. It was very long. I was so tired.