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29 February, 2008

Internet Speed Test

My Broadband Speed at Home - Sentul City, Bogor

Want to know the speed of your internet? This link can show you how fast your internet can go...

28 February, 2008

I want to be a vet and a scientist

In ten years time, I want to learn to be a vet because I like cats, dogs, hamsters, giraffes, and cubs. They're the cutest animal for me.

Beside that I want to learn to be a be a scientist, too. I want to explore U.F.Os, space and the Earth itself. I want to know why can it have Tsunami, Global Warming and Lapindo Mud. Beside that, I want to knoware ther really UFO or it's just fake.

I plan to study science and all about animals including its sicknesses. But I have to keep my cleanliness good. If I can't keep myself clean I can have the sickness that the animal have.

I interested in that, because I just like to explore some thing new. I told you that I like animals, too.When the first time I saw UFOs in the books, I interested in them.

My teacher can help me by teaching things about science that related to what I want o know and explore.

In twenty years time, I hope that I can be a real scientist and a great vet. I like to help animals and I like to explore some thing new and something that people didn't know.

25 February, 2008

What's in Greek

More presentation from other group and more information that we got.
- Greek god
- greek goddess
- Greek foods
- Greek alphabets
-Greek numerals


- The Greek gods are Zeus, Pluto, Poseidon and more. Zeus is the leader of the gods, Pluto is a god of underworld, and Poseidon is a god of the seas and he live in in the Mediterranean sea in Egypt.

- The Greek goddesses are Aphrodite and Athena. Aphrodite is a goddess of love and beauty. Athena is a goddess of wiseness and some people said that she was goddess of war too.

- Greek foods are bread, meat, pork and soup. The normal family eat porks when they have special festival same like meat.

- There is an activity where I can write my name in Greek. The alphabet in Greek was almost same like our alphabet. Many of them are the same like now

- Beside that activity, after we done that activity we can count our name alphabets we can write the number beside the name.

What's in Egypt

Points that I learn:
a.How the mummy got embalmed,
b.How they get their food,
c.How can we write our name in hieroglyphics,
d.How the mummy get wrapped, and
e.How they know hour.
Okay, I know that there was no details and here come the details.
a.There are some steps that they have to do when they embalmed people. They have to bath them in the Nile river, dry them in 40 days, then they bath it again and more steps.
b.They live near Nile River to get more foods such as soup, bread, meat, and they usually make the soup by cooking the Nile River's water.
c.After they explain things they give us tasks. There was alphabets in Egypt. From those alphabets we had to write our name in their alphabets.
d.Beside the mummy get embalmed, they wrapped it in first coffin and wrapped it again int he second coffin and they paint it.
e.They know hours from an empty bucket. They said that it was 1 hour when the bucket is full.

18 February, 2008

Charlie Description

Hi, again everybody. Welcome to my Blog. I will describe two characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s MOVIE. They are Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregard.

Veruca Salt was a girl that was spoiled by her parents. She always gets what she wants. Her dad has a peanut factory. You know how she can get the Golden Ticket? Her father told his workers to buy as many Wonka bars as they can and they open them. That’s how Veruca get her Golden Ticket. Being very spoiled right?

Violet Beauregard was a girl that always chews gum. She had been chewing a same gum for several months. She said that she had a competition with her friend, Miss Cornelia Prinzmetel, and Violet won. She stick the gum behind her ear just when she eat break fast, lunch, dinner, before sleep, and when she search the Golden Ticket. How can it be?
So, which one you think is better?

04 February, 2008

Medieval England

Do you know about Medieval England? Medieval England is an era where England was lead by eight Kings and one Queen. Medieval England started in 1066 with William the Conqueror gaining the English throne after his victory at the Battle of Hastings.

King William the Conqueror

Year 1377 is usually seen as the end of Medieval England.

If you want to know more about Medieval England, especially about their Kings and Queen, and also about kind of food they love, please just click below links :

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