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08 September, 2008

English Hw 3-Gr.6

Rapunzel and The Giant Beanstalk

Once upon a time, there live an ungrateful princess called Rapunzel. When her birthday she want a high tower filled beautiful dress and jewelries. She want the tower to have only one big room for her. So her parents said to their best architects to build a tower with one big room and a big closet for the dresses and the jewelries.
After the tower had been built, Rapunzel live in it. She locked the only door so she can have good private moments with her new tower. Her maids will send her food by knocking the only door in the tower and Rapunzel will open it. Soon after that Rapunzel’s presents had been sent. She happily open all present. There is only one present that she doesn’t like. It’s only some bean seeds. So she told her maid just to plant it on the garden.
So, the next morning when Rapunzel wake up she saw a giant beanstalk. She thought it wil bring her some where very beautiful with lots of food, jewelries and dresses. So, she went all down the stairs and went out with her best dress and jewelries. She climb up the beanstalk carefully. When she finally reach up the top of the beanstalk she saw an old man. So she ask the old man where she is. The old man said that she is in The Wise valley. He told Rapunzel that there will be some golden eggs. She will know what will each golden eggs do by touching it. Later a fairy will come out and say what will the egg do. She can choose one egg by take the egg off from its place.
So, there she went toward the eggs. The first egg fairy will make her the most beautiful person in the kingdom. The second egg fairy will make her the most rich and beautiful person in the country. The third fairy egg will make her the most rich, beautiful and the most respected person in almost all countries. So she thought that if the third one will make her the most rich, beautiful and respected person in almost all country, so the fourth fairy will make her the most rich, beautiful and most respected person in the world. But her thoughts is totally wrong. The fourth egg fairy will make her the ugliest and poor person in the world! But things already happen because she took off the egg from its place. So there she is the ugliest and poor person in the world.
The moral of the story is that don’t be ungrateful person.

English Hw 2-Gr.6

Homework for English

1. There are many people in the museum.
2. They’re very good in badminton and gymnastics.
3. Their work are very creative and beautiful.
4. Susan’s presentation is about humans throat.
5. Iqbal has a big bruise on his knees because he fell down at the soccer field.
6. Dina and Gina are very consistent when they do something hard.
7. I have to be responsible to the things I brought to school.
8. Sisca is learning to say vowels clearly.
9. Myra is trying to spell the word “consonant”.
10. Diana really care about her appearance, so she brings comb everywhere she goes.
11. I have to learn how to be more independent in my life.
12. Every country have their own independence day, like Indonesia.


1. There: Indicate the fact or existence of something.
2. They’re: contraction of they are.
3. Their: Something belonging to them.
4. Throat: The front part of a person’s neck
5. Bruise: Injury caused by a blow.
6. Consistent: Unchanging.
7. Responsible: Control or care over something.
8. Vowels: Speech sound such as A, E, I, O, U.
9. Consonant: Other speech sound that are not vowels.
10. Appearance: How something looks.
11. Independent: Free from something or someone.
12. Independence: A state of being independent.

English HW 1-Gr.6

English Preposition:
1. Above
2. Across
3. Around
4. Between
5. Down
6. In
7. On
8. To
9. Toward
10. Under
11. Underneath
12. Up

• There is a flying helicopter far above your head.
• Will you go across that big bridge?
• Sally already ran around this area 4 times.
• Do you put your schoolbooks between my books?
• I saw your sister went down to the lobby.
• Donny wait in the blue car across the road.
• Can you sit on the sofa properly?
• I will send this message to my friends.
• The runner is running toward the finish line.
• Minah hides under the table.
• Underneath the ground there are still lots of rocks.
• Do not stick something up there.

Religion Hw-Gr. 6

Religion: Why Do We Need To Pray?

First we need to pray because praying is the same like talking to God. We need to talk to God privately. Not in front of the crowds or in the roads. We can talk to God by closing your self in your room and talk to God. God can see us and He will give us award for doing it in the proper way. You also can read the Bible and find a verse that talk about this, too.
Secondly, we need to be grateful to what God had given us when we pray. Maybe sometimes we don’t know that we’re lucky because we had a all five senses. But maybe some people is blind or deaf or maybe un able to speak or more. That’s why we have to be grateful to God for all things that we have.
Third thing is we need to confess for all sins that we do. If you don’t want your sins to be heard you can pray in your room quietly and confess all your sins to God. You know God will hear your confession and forgive you sins. But you have to promise that you won’t do it again. Sometimes we can learn from our mistakes so we won’t go into the same mistakes over and over again.
Fourth fact why we need to pray is we need to ask for his help and blessings. Also we can ask God for healthiness and happiness, If we have a problem and it seems that there are no way to solve it, we can ask God’s help to guide you to solve the problem. We can talk anything to God as long as its not about doing bad things to others. Of course God doesn’t want us to do bad things to others. That’s why He will not help you to do it..
The last thing or fact why we need to pray is we need to ask God’s help to help us to toughen our faith to Jesus Christ. If our faith to Jesus is tough of course God will protect us from the evil spirit around us. God will help us to fight against them.

UOI Homeworks-Gr. 6 ^^

- Leader: A leader is the one who lead a group, organization or country. A leader have to lead his or her member in a proper way. He or she have to lead them to the right way.

- Leadership: An act of leading a group of members. Examples like we lead an organization. And of course the group that we lead want a good leader. A good leader is a leader who already have the spirit of a leader.

2. Mother Theresa as A Leader

Mother Theresa is a leader because she give herself to God by taking care of the people in Calcutta. We can make her as a leader because she do good and wise things to others who need care from others.

3. Expectations in UOI (Unit of Inquiry):

a. I expect all topic teaches me new things.
b. I expect will have outdoor activities.
c. I expect new experience.
d. I expect that in every new topic we will have 5. I expect one of the topics will be about planet, space, and earth.

4.Pangeran Antasari
In Banjarmasin, 1809, Pangeran Antasari was born. And, he always live outside the kingdom area, but he actually is a family of Sultan Banjar. Since he grew up between the commoner, Antasari become close to the commoners, knew what their feelings and their sorrow are.

At the same time, Dutch was trying to weaken Kerajaan Banjar. Dutch held some competitions to some of the kingdom groups in order to break the kingdom apart. And at that time Dutch also chose the sultan.

In 1859, Sultan Tamjid was the sultan of Kerajaan Banjar, while Pangeran Hidayat is the rightful sultan. The commoners didn’t like Sultan Tamjid because he’s favoritism to Dutch. Pangeran Antasari tried to defend Pangeran Hidayat. Afterward, Pangeran Antasari received help from the proconsuls of Hulu Sungai, Martapura, Barito, Plelhari, Kahayan, and Kapuas. All proconsuls wanted to eliminate Dutch from Kerajaan Banjar. The war broke out on 18 April 1859. In this war Dutch was in trouble. So, Dutch persuaded Pangeran Antasari by making promises to give him many things if he would stop the war, but Pangeran Antasari refused the offer.

In this difficult situation, Pangeran Hidayat surrender to Dutch and later on also all proconsuls. But Pangeran Antasari kept on with his fight. To him it was impossible to make peace or surrender to the Dutch.
In October 1862 he planned a big attack to the Dutch’s fort. But at that time they had a sickness named measles. So Pangeran Antasari got measles too and that sickness also took his live. He died in Bayan Begak, South Kalimantan, on 11 October 1862 and was buried in Banjarmasin.

30 May, 2008

Indonesian Food Slide Show

25 May, 2008

Lorentz National Park Papua - "The Lost Green World"

Lorentz National Park is a giant rain forest park located in Papua Province, East Indonesia. This giant rain forest on top of big mountains is a big home of hundred kind of wild animals and thousand kind of trees. For ages the rain forest in Papua are free and fresh.

But now this area is known as a Fragile Environtment, a natural evironment where live many flora and fauna that can be easily destructed because of human activities causing the environtment endangered.
Since more than 40 years ago a Copper and Gold and mine was opened in Kabupaten Mimika, near the Timika City. This big mine is called Freeport, a company from USA. Freeport Mine located side by side with Lorentz National Park. And their mining area was get bigger and bigger, and started to disturb the National Park.

Since long time there were a lot of proofs and evidences that the mining operation made danger to the fragile environtment. Freeport company cut the trees in the rain forest, blew the hills and dig the ground to take the copper and gold from the land. Then they threw the pollutant dirt, also called Tailing, into the Ajkwa River. The tailing killed fishes and pollute the water.

After seeing the above photos now we know that the Lorentz National Park is a Fragile Environtment, why ?? Because of the Copper and Gold mining causing :

1. Some hills and small mountains were not there anymore
2. Millions of Trees were cut down
3. Thousand of animals from insects to big wild animals died
4. River got polluted
5. Fresh water fishes died
6. People can use water for drink and cooking
7. Sea also got polluted as the river brought the tailing into the sea
8. Sea fishes and other sea fauna died
9. The air nearby the mining is not fresh anymore
10. Causing global warming

Looking at the above graphics we know how much destruction caused by the mining activities to the environtment. If we don't start doing something to stop the destruction, I think our country, maybe, will look like the Sahara Dessert someday.
Freeport mine 'poisoning' West Papua's environment
Dampak Lingkungan Hidup Operasi Pertambangan Tembaga dan Emas Freeport-Rio Tinto di Papua Mountain Mining Map of Timika Mountain Mining Ajkwa.River Rainforest

21 May, 2008

The Waterfall Field Trip Reflection

At Thursday, 16 May 2008, I went to the waterfall at Gunung Pancar because we had a new UOI topic about" Fragile Environments". Fragile environments meaning is an environment that is easy to be destroyed. Examples of the fragile environments are plants, trees, insects, little animals and animals.

The way I went to the waterfall was not as easy as I thought it would be. The way that I went to the waterfall is very steep, adventurous, and dangerous. On the way to the waterfall was very hot. So, I took some rest beside the pathway. I sat on the rock and took a break there. Then I continued my walk.

When I walk, I saw an eagle flying very high on the sky. How happy I am to see that.

When I saw that the waterfall was already near, I pushed myself to walk more faster. By the way, has I mention something about a caterpillar? No? Ok, here it is. So, I walked passed a bush and on one of its leaf, there was a red caterpillar!

So, that was one example again about fragile environment. At last, I reached the waterfall. I put off my shoes and socks and walk to the water. My feet hurt because the pebbles but I couldn't stay any longer because I have to go home. I have to change my wet clothes to my dry-change clothes.

Then, we took lunch still near the waterfall. After that I asked the guide why are the trees being cut, and he said that it was the illegal loggers who cut the trees. " Why are here there was just one eagle flying?" I asked again. " it's because they are being hunted and their home( trees) already being cutted down. There used to be a forest here and it had many eagles, monkeys, wild boars and many animals." He answered.

He pointed to a place not to far from the waterfall, a row of big rocks, and he said that it used to be a river there. But it already be a dry place now. I was curios if there was a landslide ever and he said that there was never a landslide happened here. The government will make this place to be a parking lot.

Then we get ready to went home. The pathway was not to steep but it was more longer.

This is my reflection. What do you think?

15 May, 2008

Law of my country

If you steal stay in jail for 2 years

If you against the law stay in jail for 10 years

If you kill people you will stay in jail for the rest of your life

If you throw trashes everywhere pay 350 Rimpleshamp

If you eat and make dirty in taxy, bus or train you have to pay 50 Rimpleshamp

Cutting down trees to export or without the permission of me pay 6.000.000 Rimpleshamp

If you are drunk in front of people and saying bad words you have to pay 500 Rimpleshamp or stay in jail for 3 months.

If you exporting and killing rare animals pay 900.000 Rimpleshamp

Children must go to school until it graduate the school

People who doesn't want to share will pay 5.000 Rimpleshamp

If you use illegal drug you must stay in jail for 5 years or pay 36.000 Rimpleshamp

If you smoke you have to stay in jail for 6 months or pay 360 Rimpleshamp.

Note: for proof I will have robot in every 5 Kilometre that its eyes can watch from its place to another robots place.

Why Rivera should be a member of UN

I will present a speech. I will talk about how important for my country to be a member of UN. Because my country need helps from other country, as well as they also need helps from my country. As a member of UN, my country can do the following goals:

1. We are trying to help people as much as possible.

2. I'm making sure that all parents must send their children to school. For helping the poor people to go to school, all parents will have a job and the school will not cost too expensive.

3. All gender will be treated equally in all things.

4. There are special building for the women that are pregnant. The nurse and doctors will take care of her and her baby until the baby is strong and old enough to leave. The women's family can also visit and take care of her.

5. Hospitals, clinics, and apotics will be opened 24 hours and will be almost everywhere to help the sick people. They will not cost very expensive too.

6. To avoid malaria mosquito we will have a program every Friday to buried the trash in the ground and Saturday to recycle the recyclable trash.

7. To avoid HIV/ AIDS the people are bein advised for not changing their spouse or partner.

8. We always want to guard our cleanliness of our country. So, we always put trashes in its place. Example the non-recyclable trash, vegetables, fruits, foods and wet foods, will be put in a special bijn that will be send to the sterilyed place so it will not be smelly and polluted the air. For the recyclable trashes, plastic, paper, bottles, lamps, glass, metal will be put in another special bin that will be send to the recycle place.

9. For saving the energy of my country, we will not use too much lamp in the day, and if the weather is not too hot we will not use AC.

21 April, 2008

My Dreamworld Country


My country name is Rivera because it has big rivers and we use the rivers to be our road.

National Flag:
My national flag has a star in the center means God
Has 4 flowers in each edge means plants
Has grass around the the flag means earth
Three things under this means people in different religions can live here
Has cross means God in Catholic or Christians
Has a moon and star for the God in Moslem
Has a lotus for symboling Buddhism

Country Emblem or Shield:
My country emblem is connected to my motto
My motto is Earth, Faith and God
It shapes like a shield
It has a light green leaf for Earth
Dark pink Heart for Faith
and Yellow Star for God.
The background for leaf is dark green
Background for heart is red
and background for star is orange.

My partner in making anthem is Ristia. We had a lot of fun at doing this. First we hear the jingles in the Garage Band at school. Then we create our own anthem by playing the piano with our keyboard. I already got my melody but I cannot describe it into the computer. You can see the national anthem" Rivera my Beloved Country" here:

Oh, Rivera my beloved country
You're such a beautiful place
Mountains, Valleys, Woods and all
Rivera is my birthplace
Oh, Rivera my beloved country
Up from the valley, spread out waterfalls
Down from the Earth comes out lavas
Beside the seashore we have fisheries
Oh, Rivera my beloved country
Let us be grateful
For what God has
Give us.

08 April, 2008

Games link

Hi, I got a to play some games:
I played in this link and it was fun.

03 April, 2008

My Holiday story

What did you do last week? Is it fun? In this story I will tell you about my holiday story last week.

In my holiday last week, I stayed at home because I was sick. When I went to the doctor he said" You're alright, Desiree. I just give you some medicine in case you're sick". Several days later I felt not good. So, I went to the doctor again and the doctor said" Now you're sick Desiree. You got a fever". After I drank the medicine from couple of times, I felt that I'm better.

Maybe I was sick because I went to Singapore a few days earlier. At that time in Singapore I went to Singapore Flyer and Science Center. When I went to Singapore Flyer I was a little bit scared because I went up and up and then went down and down. Actually it goes very slow. But it was a very beautiful view at the top of this Singapore Flyer. After that I went to Science Center. In science Centre I played many science activities. And it was fun and good.
After I went back to Jakarta, my friends from my old school visited me. We walked around my house and climbed a tree house. When we went up to the tree house, the tree house was very dirty and I said" Guys, I think that we have to go down because this tree house is very dirty and a little bit smelly". So we went down and went back to my house. We also went to a lake to had a picnic with them. We played a remote controlled boat and ate some fruits that I brought from my house. My friends said" Desiree, I like this place because of the view and the lake is beautiful".

When I was sick I still went to the church. That time it was my turn to help the priest. But I couldn't do it perfectly because I'm sick. I was very sad with that.

I hate it when I was sick because I couldn't go to the cinema to watch the newest children's movie" Spiderwick" and " Horton hears a Who". I was bored at home. So when my mother went to my dad's office, I joined her. Then my mom bought some clothes for herself. It was very long. I was so tired.

31 March, 2008

Informations Links

Hi, guys. I found a link to a math dictionary. Here is the link:
You want some practice? Had the link the link, too. Here you go:

11 March, 2008


In the Billy cart racing day, we had some race. Example: The most beautiful cart, the great Billy-cart competition for student and the great Billy cart race for parents. I joined the most beautiful cart competition. There were many judges in this activity and some preschoolers voting we can’t read it so we can’t count it.

Then we went to Hansen’s house to have the great races. That day was a hot day. But it was good because if it was raining it was worse than hot. We also had our lunch there.
After that we went back to school and continue our activity.

10 March, 2008

Reflection about Digital Portfolio

1. Blog
My first digital portfolio was a blog. A blog is where we can write about ourselves, about our lesson and experiences. We also could put some pictures and links to our Google pages and e-mails. First time I made my blog my dad helped me and he was very good at this thing. But I like this because people can write comments to me so I could make my blog better.

2. Google Pages Maker
In Google pages, we could put some information, pictures, links, title and we can make some pages in one site. If you forgot which one is the home page you could see a picture of a house on one page. To make this, this is easier than to make a blog

3. i-Web
My third digital portfolio is an i-Web. This i-Web is a lot easier than Google pages. We can put our photos, music and sound of ourselves. We can choose our background, too. It was almost the same like google pages.

So, that was my reflection. If you want to make some of them, you can have fun.

29 February, 2008

Internet Speed Test

My Broadband Speed at Home - Sentul City, Bogor

Want to know the speed of your internet? This link can show you how fast your internet can go...

28 February, 2008

I want to be a vet and a scientist

In ten years time, I want to learn to be a vet because I like cats, dogs, hamsters, giraffes, and cubs. They're the cutest animal for me.

Beside that I want to learn to be a be a scientist, too. I want to explore U.F.Os, space and the Earth itself. I want to know why can it have Tsunami, Global Warming and Lapindo Mud. Beside that, I want to knoware ther really UFO or it's just fake.

I plan to study science and all about animals including its sicknesses. But I have to keep my cleanliness good. If I can't keep myself clean I can have the sickness that the animal have.

I interested in that, because I just like to explore some thing new. I told you that I like animals, too.When the first time I saw UFOs in the books, I interested in them.

My teacher can help me by teaching things about science that related to what I want o know and explore.

In twenty years time, I hope that I can be a real scientist and a great vet. I like to help animals and I like to explore some thing new and something that people didn't know.

25 February, 2008

What's in Greek

More presentation from other group and more information that we got.
- Greek god
- greek goddess
- Greek foods
- Greek alphabets
-Greek numerals


- The Greek gods are Zeus, Pluto, Poseidon and more. Zeus is the leader of the gods, Pluto is a god of underworld, and Poseidon is a god of the seas and he live in in the Mediterranean sea in Egypt.

- The Greek goddesses are Aphrodite and Athena. Aphrodite is a goddess of love and beauty. Athena is a goddess of wiseness and some people said that she was goddess of war too.

- Greek foods are bread, meat, pork and soup. The normal family eat porks when they have special festival same like meat.

- There is an activity where I can write my name in Greek. The alphabet in Greek was almost same like our alphabet. Many of them are the same like now

- Beside that activity, after we done that activity we can count our name alphabets we can write the number beside the name.

What's in Egypt

Points that I learn:
a.How the mummy got embalmed,
b.How they get their food,
c.How can we write our name in hieroglyphics,
d.How the mummy get wrapped, and
e.How they know hour.
Okay, I know that there was no details and here come the details.
a.There are some steps that they have to do when they embalmed people. They have to bath them in the Nile river, dry them in 40 days, then they bath it again and more steps.
b.They live near Nile River to get more foods such as soup, bread, meat, and they usually make the soup by cooking the Nile River's water.
c.After they explain things they give us tasks. There was alphabets in Egypt. From those alphabets we had to write our name in their alphabets.
d.Beside the mummy get embalmed, they wrapped it in first coffin and wrapped it again int he second coffin and they paint it.
e.They know hours from an empty bucket. They said that it was 1 hour when the bucket is full.

18 February, 2008

Charlie Description

Hi, again everybody. Welcome to my Blog. I will describe two characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s MOVIE. They are Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregard.

Veruca Salt was a girl that was spoiled by her parents. She always gets what she wants. Her dad has a peanut factory. You know how she can get the Golden Ticket? Her father told his workers to buy as many Wonka bars as they can and they open them. That’s how Veruca get her Golden Ticket. Being very spoiled right?

Violet Beauregard was a girl that always chews gum. She had been chewing a same gum for several months. She said that she had a competition with her friend, Miss Cornelia Prinzmetel, and Violet won. She stick the gum behind her ear just when she eat break fast, lunch, dinner, before sleep, and when she search the Golden Ticket. How can it be?
So, which one you think is better?

04 February, 2008

Medieval England

Do you know about Medieval England? Medieval England is an era where England was lead by eight Kings and one Queen. Medieval England started in 1066 with William the Conqueror gaining the English throne after his victory at the Battle of Hastings.

King William the Conqueror

Year 1377 is usually seen as the end of Medieval England.

If you want to know more about Medieval England, especially about their Kings and Queen, and also about kind of food they love, please just click below links :

- Medieval Kings And Queens
- Medieval Recipies

11 January, 2008

Click here to see my reports about Machines:
Machines for Me and You

10 January, 2008

Billy-Cart Reflection

This is my newest UOI, in this UOI I will make a Billy-Kart. I make the technical drawing before I make the cart. The technical drawing can be called Blue Print.

By making this Blue Print, I studied about scales. The scale of my Blue Print is 1:10.

You can see my Billy-cart Blue Print at