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25 May, 2008

Lorentz National Park Papua - "The Lost Green World"

Lorentz National Park is a giant rain forest park located in Papua Province, East Indonesia. This giant rain forest on top of big mountains is a big home of hundred kind of wild animals and thousand kind of trees. For ages the rain forest in Papua are free and fresh.

But now this area is known as a Fragile Environtment, a natural evironment where live many flora and fauna that can be easily destructed because of human activities causing the environtment endangered.
Since more than 40 years ago a Copper and Gold and mine was opened in Kabupaten Mimika, near the Timika City. This big mine is called Freeport, a company from USA. Freeport Mine located side by side with Lorentz National Park. And their mining area was get bigger and bigger, and started to disturb the National Park.

Since long time there were a lot of proofs and evidences that the mining operation made danger to the fragile environtment. Freeport company cut the trees in the rain forest, blew the hills and dig the ground to take the copper and gold from the land. Then they threw the pollutant dirt, also called Tailing, into the Ajkwa River. The tailing killed fishes and pollute the water.

After seeing the above photos now we know that the Lorentz National Park is a Fragile Environtment, why ?? Because of the Copper and Gold mining causing :

1. Some hills and small mountains were not there anymore
2. Millions of Trees were cut down
3. Thousand of animals from insects to big wild animals died
4. River got polluted
5. Fresh water fishes died
6. People can use water for drink and cooking
7. Sea also got polluted as the river brought the tailing into the sea
8. Sea fishes and other sea fauna died
9. The air nearby the mining is not fresh anymore
10. Causing global warming

Looking at the above graphics we know how much destruction caused by the mining activities to the environtment. If we don't start doing something to stop the destruction, I think our country, maybe, will look like the Sahara Dessert someday.
Freeport mine 'poisoning' West Papua's environment
Dampak Lingkungan Hidup Operasi Pertambangan Tembaga dan Emas Freeport-Rio Tinto di Papua Mountain Mining Map of Timika Mountain Mining Ajkwa.River Rainforest


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Knowledge – 5
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An excellent report Desiree