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30 May, 2008

Indonesian Food Slide Show

25 May, 2008

Lorentz National Park Papua - "The Lost Green World"

Lorentz National Park is a giant rain forest park located in Papua Province, East Indonesia. This giant rain forest on top of big mountains is a big home of hundred kind of wild animals and thousand kind of trees. For ages the rain forest in Papua are free and fresh.

But now this area is known as a Fragile Environtment, a natural evironment where live many flora and fauna that can be easily destructed because of human activities causing the environtment endangered.
Since more than 40 years ago a Copper and Gold and mine was opened in Kabupaten Mimika, near the Timika City. This big mine is called Freeport, a company from USA. Freeport Mine located side by side with Lorentz National Park. And their mining area was get bigger and bigger, and started to disturb the National Park.

Since long time there were a lot of proofs and evidences that the mining operation made danger to the fragile environtment. Freeport company cut the trees in the rain forest, blew the hills and dig the ground to take the copper and gold from the land. Then they threw the pollutant dirt, also called Tailing, into the Ajkwa River. The tailing killed fishes and pollute the water.

After seeing the above photos now we know that the Lorentz National Park is a Fragile Environtment, why ?? Because of the Copper and Gold mining causing :

1. Some hills and small mountains were not there anymore
2. Millions of Trees were cut down
3. Thousand of animals from insects to big wild animals died
4. River got polluted
5. Fresh water fishes died
6. People can use water for drink and cooking
7. Sea also got polluted as the river brought the tailing into the sea
8. Sea fishes and other sea fauna died
9. The air nearby the mining is not fresh anymore
10. Causing global warming

Looking at the above graphics we know how much destruction caused by the mining activities to the environtment. If we don't start doing something to stop the destruction, I think our country, maybe, will look like the Sahara Dessert someday.
Freeport mine 'poisoning' West Papua's environment
Dampak Lingkungan Hidup Operasi Pertambangan Tembaga dan Emas Freeport-Rio Tinto di Papua Mountain Mining Map of Timika Mountain Mining Ajkwa.River Rainforest

21 May, 2008

The Waterfall Field Trip Reflection

At Thursday, 16 May 2008, I went to the waterfall at Gunung Pancar because we had a new UOI topic about" Fragile Environments". Fragile environments meaning is an environment that is easy to be destroyed. Examples of the fragile environments are plants, trees, insects, little animals and animals.

The way I went to the waterfall was not as easy as I thought it would be. The way that I went to the waterfall is very steep, adventurous, and dangerous. On the way to the waterfall was very hot. So, I took some rest beside the pathway. I sat on the rock and took a break there. Then I continued my walk.

When I walk, I saw an eagle flying very high on the sky. How happy I am to see that.

When I saw that the waterfall was already near, I pushed myself to walk more faster. By the way, has I mention something about a caterpillar? No? Ok, here it is. So, I walked passed a bush and on one of its leaf, there was a red caterpillar!

So, that was one example again about fragile environment. At last, I reached the waterfall. I put off my shoes and socks and walk to the water. My feet hurt because the pebbles but I couldn't stay any longer because I have to go home. I have to change my wet clothes to my dry-change clothes.

Then, we took lunch still near the waterfall. After that I asked the guide why are the trees being cut, and he said that it was the illegal loggers who cut the trees. " Why are here there was just one eagle flying?" I asked again. " it's because they are being hunted and their home( trees) already being cutted down. There used to be a forest here and it had many eagles, monkeys, wild boars and many animals." He answered.

He pointed to a place not to far from the waterfall, a row of big rocks, and he said that it used to be a river there. But it already be a dry place now. I was curios if there was a landslide ever and he said that there was never a landslide happened here. The government will make this place to be a parking lot.

Then we get ready to went home. The pathway was not to steep but it was more longer.

This is my reflection. What do you think?

15 May, 2008

Law of my country

If you steal stay in jail for 2 years

If you against the law stay in jail for 10 years

If you kill people you will stay in jail for the rest of your life

If you throw trashes everywhere pay 350 Rimpleshamp

If you eat and make dirty in taxy, bus or train you have to pay 50 Rimpleshamp

Cutting down trees to export or without the permission of me pay 6.000.000 Rimpleshamp

If you are drunk in front of people and saying bad words you have to pay 500 Rimpleshamp or stay in jail for 3 months.

If you exporting and killing rare animals pay 900.000 Rimpleshamp

Children must go to school until it graduate the school

People who doesn't want to share will pay 5.000 Rimpleshamp

If you use illegal drug you must stay in jail for 5 years or pay 36.000 Rimpleshamp

If you smoke you have to stay in jail for 6 months or pay 360 Rimpleshamp.

Note: for proof I will have robot in every 5 Kilometre that its eyes can watch from its place to another robots place.

Why Rivera should be a member of UN

I will present a speech. I will talk about how important for my country to be a member of UN. Because my country need helps from other country, as well as they also need helps from my country. As a member of UN, my country can do the following goals:

1. We are trying to help people as much as possible.

2. I'm making sure that all parents must send their children to school. For helping the poor people to go to school, all parents will have a job and the school will not cost too expensive.

3. All gender will be treated equally in all things.

4. There are special building for the women that are pregnant. The nurse and doctors will take care of her and her baby until the baby is strong and old enough to leave. The women's family can also visit and take care of her.

5. Hospitals, clinics, and apotics will be opened 24 hours and will be almost everywhere to help the sick people. They will not cost very expensive too.

6. To avoid malaria mosquito we will have a program every Friday to buried the trash in the ground and Saturday to recycle the recyclable trash.

7. To avoid HIV/ AIDS the people are bein advised for not changing their spouse or partner.

8. We always want to guard our cleanliness of our country. So, we always put trashes in its place. Example the non-recyclable trash, vegetables, fruits, foods and wet foods, will be put in a special bijn that will be send to the sterilyed place so it will not be smelly and polluted the air. For the recyclable trashes, plastic, paper, bottles, lamps, glass, metal will be put in another special bin that will be send to the recycle place.

9. For saving the energy of my country, we will not use too much lamp in the day, and if the weather is not too hot we will not use AC.