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08 September, 2008

UOI Homeworks-Gr. 6 ^^

- Leader: A leader is the one who lead a group, organization or country. A leader have to lead his or her member in a proper way. He or she have to lead them to the right way.

- Leadership: An act of leading a group of members. Examples like we lead an organization. And of course the group that we lead want a good leader. A good leader is a leader who already have the spirit of a leader.

2. Mother Theresa as A Leader

Mother Theresa is a leader because she give herself to God by taking care of the people in Calcutta. We can make her as a leader because she do good and wise things to others who need care from others.

3. Expectations in UOI (Unit of Inquiry):

a. I expect all topic teaches me new things.
b. I expect will have outdoor activities.
c. I expect new experience.
d. I expect that in every new topic we will have 5. I expect one of the topics will be about planet, space, and earth.

4.Pangeran Antasari
In Banjarmasin, 1809, Pangeran Antasari was born. And, he always live outside the kingdom area, but he actually is a family of Sultan Banjar. Since he grew up between the commoner, Antasari become close to the commoners, knew what their feelings and their sorrow are.

At the same time, Dutch was trying to weaken Kerajaan Banjar. Dutch held some competitions to some of the kingdom groups in order to break the kingdom apart. And at that time Dutch also chose the sultan.

In 1859, Sultan Tamjid was the sultan of Kerajaan Banjar, while Pangeran Hidayat is the rightful sultan. The commoners didn’t like Sultan Tamjid because he’s favoritism to Dutch. Pangeran Antasari tried to defend Pangeran Hidayat. Afterward, Pangeran Antasari received help from the proconsuls of Hulu Sungai, Martapura, Barito, Plelhari, Kahayan, and Kapuas. All proconsuls wanted to eliminate Dutch from Kerajaan Banjar. The war broke out on 18 April 1859. In this war Dutch was in trouble. So, Dutch persuaded Pangeran Antasari by making promises to give him many things if he would stop the war, but Pangeran Antasari refused the offer.

In this difficult situation, Pangeran Hidayat surrender to Dutch and later on also all proconsuls. But Pangeran Antasari kept on with his fight. To him it was impossible to make peace or surrender to the Dutch.
In October 1862 he planned a big attack to the Dutch’s fort. But at that time they had a sickness named measles. So Pangeran Antasari got measles too and that sickness also took his live. He died in Bayan Begak, South Kalimantan, on 11 October 1862 and was buried in Banjarmasin.