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08 September, 2008

Religion Hw-Gr. 6

Religion: Why Do We Need To Pray?

First we need to pray because praying is the same like talking to God. We need to talk to God privately. Not in front of the crowds or in the roads. We can talk to God by closing your self in your room and talk to God. God can see us and He will give us award for doing it in the proper way. You also can read the Bible and find a verse that talk about this, too.
Secondly, we need to be grateful to what God had given us when we pray. Maybe sometimes we don’t know that we’re lucky because we had a all five senses. But maybe some people is blind or deaf or maybe un able to speak or more. That’s why we have to be grateful to God for all things that we have.
Third thing is we need to confess for all sins that we do. If you don’t want your sins to be heard you can pray in your room quietly and confess all your sins to God. You know God will hear your confession and forgive you sins. But you have to promise that you won’t do it again. Sometimes we can learn from our mistakes so we won’t go into the same mistakes over and over again.
Fourth fact why we need to pray is we need to ask for his help and blessings. Also we can ask God for healthiness and happiness, If we have a problem and it seems that there are no way to solve it, we can ask God’s help to guide you to solve the problem. We can talk anything to God as long as its not about doing bad things to others. Of course God doesn’t want us to do bad things to others. That’s why He will not help you to do it..
The last thing or fact why we need to pray is we need to ask God’s help to help us to toughen our faith to Jesus Christ. If our faith to Jesus is tough of course God will protect us from the evil spirit around us. God will help us to fight against them.