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08 September, 2008

English Hw 2-Gr.6

Homework for English

1. There are many people in the museum.
2. They’re very good in badminton and gymnastics.
3. Their work are very creative and beautiful.
4. Susan’s presentation is about humans throat.
5. Iqbal has a big bruise on his knees because he fell down at the soccer field.
6. Dina and Gina are very consistent when they do something hard.
7. I have to be responsible to the things I brought to school.
8. Sisca is learning to say vowels clearly.
9. Myra is trying to spell the word “consonant”.
10. Diana really care about her appearance, so she brings comb everywhere she goes.
11. I have to learn how to be more independent in my life.
12. Every country have their own independence day, like Indonesia.


1. There: Indicate the fact or existence of something.
2. They’re: contraction of they are.
3. Their: Something belonging to them.
4. Throat: The front part of a person’s neck
5. Bruise: Injury caused by a blow.
6. Consistent: Unchanging.
7. Responsible: Control or care over something.
8. Vowels: Speech sound such as A, E, I, O, U.
9. Consonant: Other speech sound that are not vowels.
10. Appearance: How something looks.
11. Independent: Free from something or someone.
12. Independence: A state of being independent.