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08 September, 2008

English Hw 3-Gr.6

Rapunzel and The Giant Beanstalk

Once upon a time, there live an ungrateful princess called Rapunzel. When her birthday she want a high tower filled beautiful dress and jewelries. She want the tower to have only one big room for her. So her parents said to their best architects to build a tower with one big room and a big closet for the dresses and the jewelries.
After the tower had been built, Rapunzel live in it. She locked the only door so she can have good private moments with her new tower. Her maids will send her food by knocking the only door in the tower and Rapunzel will open it. Soon after that Rapunzel’s presents had been sent. She happily open all present. There is only one present that she doesn’t like. It’s only some bean seeds. So she told her maid just to plant it on the garden.
So, the next morning when Rapunzel wake up she saw a giant beanstalk. She thought it wil bring her some where very beautiful with lots of food, jewelries and dresses. So, she went all down the stairs and went out with her best dress and jewelries. She climb up the beanstalk carefully. When she finally reach up the top of the beanstalk she saw an old man. So she ask the old man where she is. The old man said that she is in The Wise valley. He told Rapunzel that there will be some golden eggs. She will know what will each golden eggs do by touching it. Later a fairy will come out and say what will the egg do. She can choose one egg by take the egg off from its place.
So, there she went toward the eggs. The first egg fairy will make her the most beautiful person in the kingdom. The second egg fairy will make her the most rich and beautiful person in the country. The third fairy egg will make her the most rich, beautiful and the most respected person in almost all countries. So she thought that if the third one will make her the most rich, beautiful and respected person in almost all country, so the fourth fairy will make her the most rich, beautiful and most respected person in the world. But her thoughts is totally wrong. The fourth egg fairy will make her the ugliest and poor person in the world! But things already happen because she took off the egg from its place. So there she is the ugliest and poor person in the world.
The moral of the story is that don’t be ungrateful person.