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08 September, 2008

English HW 1-Gr.6

English Preposition:
1. Above
2. Across
3. Around
4. Between
5. Down
6. In
7. On
8. To
9. Toward
10. Under
11. Underneath
12. Up

• There is a flying helicopter far above your head.
• Will you go across that big bridge?
• Sally already ran around this area 4 times.
• Do you put your schoolbooks between my books?
• I saw your sister went down to the lobby.
• Donny wait in the blue car across the road.
• Can you sit on the sofa properly?
• I will send this message to my friends.
• The runner is running toward the finish line.
• Minah hides under the table.
• Underneath the ground there are still lots of rocks.
• Do not stick something up there.