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28 November, 2007

Bridge To Terabithia Questions & Answers

Q: Why is Jess wearing neither a shirt nor shoes?
A: He didn’t worry about the shirt because once he began running he would be as hot as popping grease, or shoes because the bottoms of his feet were now as tough as his worn-out sneaker

Q: Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer?
A: Because he was going to run.

Q: Who is Miss Bessie?
A: Miss Bessie is Jess family’s cow.

Q: What news does May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch?
A: May Belle tell that a new people were moving into the old Perkins place down on the next farm.

Q: Why does Jess like May Belle?
A: Because May Belle help him sometimes.

Q: What does Jess keep under his mattress?
A: Jess keep hiss drawing tool under his mattress.

Q: What was Jess’ first reaction when he met Leslie Burke?
A: He was surprised when he met Leslie Burke.

Q: How is Leslie different to the other student?
A: She is different because she doesn’t play at the girl’s field and she wears a different way to dress.

Q: What did the boys organize outside once they had been dismissed after they eating their lunch?
A: The boys organized a running competition for boys only out side. outside.

Q: Why does Jess sit beside May Belle on the bus?
A: Jess sit beside May Belle on the bus because he don’t want Leslie sit beside him.

Q: Why was not running fun anymore?
A: Running was not fun anymore because they getting bored of Leslie and she always win the competition.

Q: Why was Leslie unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau?
A: Leslie was unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau because she did not have a television.

Q: Have you ever had a secret place where you went with your friends? Describe it!
A: Actually, I don’t have one but later I wish that I can make one not too big not too small. If I have it, I want to put a carpet, book corner, table, chair, board games, or maybe a small bed with some pillows. I want to color it white, blue, purple, and little bit black.

Q: Who was the ‘real’ giant in their live?
A: The real giant in their live was Janice Avery.
Q: What plan of action that they decide on to payback Janice Avery?
A: The plan is to make a fake love letter to her and they pretend that the letter from Willard Hughes.

22 November, 2007

UOI : Machine

I have done a small research about Hair Dryer as one of thousands compound machines. With the result of my simple rearch we can undersatnd how the Hair Dryer works. Please open my following website :

I have also made an explanation about Screw as one of the Simple machine. I put my research about Screw in the following website :

18 November, 2007

Try to make a Go-kart by yourself

This is my simple wooden Go-kart plan. To make the Go-kart go down the hill we have to push the Go-kart. Then, we have to drive it with our feet. But before that we need some materials to build it.

The materials:

- A1 = 6 pcs Plank woods 600X100X20-30
- A2 = 1 pcs Plank wood 460X100X20
- B1 = 1 pcs Plank wood 500X100X20
- B2 = 2 pcs Plank woods 200X100X20
- B3 = 2 pcs Plank woods 200X100X20
- C = 1 pcs Block wood 1250X100X60
- D = 2 pcs Block woods 540X110X60
- E = 4 pcs Spoked wheels
- F = 5 pcs Bolts
- G = 2 pcs Axles

We also need some tools. The tools:

- Hammer
- Nails
- Handsaw
- Electric drill

How to make it:

- Measure the woods
- Cut the woods with handsaw into pieces
- Make holes inside the block woods using electric drills
- Assembly all the pieces of woods using nails, hammer & bolts
- Put the axles inside the block woods holes
- Put the spoked wheels into the axles

Now our simple wooden Go-kart has done, enjoy riding, be careful not to drive it too fast.

To get the drawings and how to make the wooden gokart we can go to

11 November, 2007


Theme : How We Express Ourselves
Title : I Believe, You Believe
Central Idea: The beliefs and cultures are conveyed through rituals, celebrations the arts and the way people live their lives.



Reflection: This is my UOI REFLECTION expo. My expo is about Buddhism. There I wrote some questions but my group said they were too hard. I helped my group to stick some information on our board. Until the exhibition day has come, I was so busy with the activities. Some students came and colored. We had a quiz and coloring activity. Beside that, we had to explain about” What is Buddhism?”

I already had a field trip to Masjid Istiqlal and
Cathedral Jakarta. First, in Masjid Istiqlal, we
went to The Main Room. It is so big. There is a stage where it will lead us to the speech room. Then I saw a big drum they call it “Bedug”. The function of Bedug is to call Moslem people that it’s time for pray <>.

Then the Cathedral. Beside a Cathedral building, there is a museum. In the museum I saw a lot of Cathedral historical things. The Cathedral can hold 1200 people.

08 November, 2007

Exhibition Day

Today was the exhibition day. I was very nervous because there were so many student coming to my display board. They wanted to color our activity and did the quiz. I felt that I would die. Then the other class come and visited my display board. I felt that I would go to heaven. I was so nervous at that time. At lest, our exhibition was over. Oh, I'm so relax now.

07 November, 2007

Michelle P's Birthday

Today I have a wonderful day. Today is Michelle P’s birthday. She gave us a goody bag full of snacks. The goody bag is so heavy. I have to bring my school bag, the goody bag, my library bag, the food and the juice.

Today I borrowed two big books and it is so heavy to bring all of my bags.
But today means that my birthday is coming very soon. I can’t wait until my birthday come. I wish that my birthday will be my best day in this year. Maybe my parents will give me some books, because they know that I really like books ( especially books about fairy tales ).

05 November, 2007

My First After-school Activity

Today, I had my first after-school activity. My after-school activity is speech and drama. The activities are making like a short drama. We have to make a drama about detective. It is a very cool thing. My group already finished the drama and practiced for a minute. But we have to make the script. My group drama story is about thieves, who wants to steal a beautiful diamond in a museum. After we practiced the real drama, we practice it again but we make a fun with it. We are enjoy that time, until we get tired and stop it. My story just stop here and will be continued tommorow.

03 November, 2007

New Student of SPH Sentul City

I am a new student of Grade 5 at Sekolah Pelita Harapan Sentul City since 22nd October 2007. Thanks to Jesus Christ, I am so happy finding new friends here, and they are all so nice to me. I have great teachers, especially Ibu Hanna and Mrs. Jane.

For the first I felt quite nervous in class as I have not used english at my previous school, but with a lot of help from my teachers and friends now I became confident and I am sure that I can manage learning here.